About Gridweb.

Gridweb is a web agency in Cape Town that build results-driven websites, focused on growing your brand, expanding your reach, and positioning you as the #1 ideal choice.

Our philosophy is simple, yet it is the key to our success: The right web partner makes all the difference. We understand why having an exceptional online experience for any business is a life-changing experience.

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Since 2012 - We've always put the best interest of the clients first.

In the same way that Gridweb desires to be a trusted partner to our clients, our clients have told us that they desire a trust-based relationship with their website partners. Trust takes time to build, but adhering to the following ideas creates an environment where trust can be cultivated:


Communicate exceptionally well, and identify and communicate problems quickly.

Experience Counts.

Only recommend solutions that we have experienced & seen in other client environments.

Continous Improvement.

There is no graduation day. Always do the right thing, continously improve, every time, everyday.

Results & Customer Service is our DNA


Our clients expect Gridweb to respond to their needs quickly. As a result, Gridweb is designed for speed. Speed and responsiveness are “designed in” to everything we do including quote turnaround time, professional services and responding to a client’s requests.


As far as awards go, there is no such thing in our industry contrary to popular belief.

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Our goal.

Our goal is to help businesses improve their brand online, achieve top results, and drive powerful growth, making their website the greatest ROI. We make sure you get talked about. For all the right reasons.


We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients, as we believe that this is the foundation for repeat business and growth. We understand that great work is what keeps clients coming back, and we strive to deliver measureable results


We are honest, genuine, open, ethical, and fair. We are as good as our word. We act with integrity. We build value in our community, our team, our partners, and our business. This is our lifeblood. We believe in maximising potential and all else will follow.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with over the years and currently service

Results driven websites are hard to do right. But we know what it takes.

Get a website that works for you: It is your #1 most visible asset. Ask us how we build results-driven websites, focused on growing your brand, expanding your reach, and positioning you as the #1 ideal choice.

At Gridweb, we are confident and proudly stand behind our workmanship by providing exceptional service, simplicity, speedy turnaround times, unrivaled expertise, warranties and all inclusive packages that features some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

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