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Your website is your #1 most visible asset. Let’s create a new website or redesign your existing one so that it accurately, represents your organization, company, or product – taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Stand out in your industry and position your brand as the #1 ideal choice.

Establish yourself as an expert, and build trust on all digital platforms.

Effectively communicate what you do, and connect with your ideal audience.

Consistent & qualified leads, more enquiries and better conversions.

Boost your online visibility and ensure people find you when they search.

Web design that fuel growth, increase credibility, and drive sales.

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Your Website is
  • your #1 most visible asset

We understand the immense impact a website can have. Websites that deliver genuine results are hard to do right. But we know what it takes. Because we’ve done it for our clients.

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Your Website: Your 24/7 Salesperson, Customer Support, And Sales Team.

When you’re not there to speak for your business directly, it’s your website’s job. Your website should always be working around the clock to represent your brand, enhance your reputation and support your business goals. A truly focused website should be your highest performing sales person, customer support, and sales team rolled in one.

We know how much effort it takes to create captivating websites that engage visitors, showcase your company’s capabilities, and position you as an industry authority. With a keen understanding of business (and industry), we will design and tailor your website to attract the right audience for your business. Whatever your vision, whatever your industry, we can help.

Our Websites Look Great, But Most Importantly, They Deliver Results.

Your website should take someone from considering their options, to taking the plunge with your particular business. More than a portfolio or a list of your services, your website should be visually appealing, be easy to navigate, effective, memorable and be found when potential customers search for your products or services. Done right, a business website, tells your story, build rapport and trust with potential customers before they even get on the phone- or gets straight to making the sale.

By understanding your business objectives and industry, we leverage our strategic, and digital expertise to assist you in achieving your current and future goals.  You can confidently dedicate your energy to growing your business while we ensure your website operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Websites that Stand Out, Generate Leads, Increase Sales and Deliver Results

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Your Questions. Answered.

Why work with Gridweb?

It’s a question we encounter frequently, and we understand that simply claiming experience and results isn’t enough to set us apart. But here’s why we truly shine: we stand behind our workmanship with unwavering confidence. What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to providing exceptional service, quality workmanship, a seamless and straightforward experience, lightning-fast turnaround times, unmatched expertise, and comprehensive warranties. Our all-inclusive packages offer some of the most extensive coverage in the industry, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and peace of mind.

Another advantage of working with us: One contact, access to a team. Your business is our priority. Unlike some companies, you deal directly with one or two persons.

Your best interest at the forefront, and we make sure your opinions, views, and requests are heard, understood, and put into action.

What is your turnaround time?

Depending on the size and complexity of a site, client responsiveness, and any additional customizations or requirements, we take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. We’ll do our best to work to your deadlines without cutting any corners.

Project Phases: Branding design > Custom Web Design > Website Development > Content Population > Final checklists

How do deliver websites so quickly?

Experience. As a small team, we believe in the power of teamwork and meticulous planning. We have the expertise, cutting-edge tools, efficient systems, and abundant resources to deliver your project on time, every time.

We’re committed to upholding the highest quality standards and only take on projects we believe in. If we don’t think we’ll be able to generate a MASSIVE return on investment, we won’t take your project on. We don’t take shortcuts. Each project we take on receives the attention, effort, and expertise it rightly deserves.

Where to start?

We start with the end in mind and will drive the entire process. Once you express your interest, we will initiate a detailed consultation (ask a LOT of questions) to understand who you are, who your target audience is, what you stand for, why people should be working with you, and how you want to be seen in the industry.

You have various options to communicate with us such as email, Zoom, online chat, SMS, or by filling out an online form. However, the most efficient and effective way is to give us a call and talk directly to one of our professionals about your ideas.

What is your web design process like?

We have a streamlined four-step approach to create a powerful and effective website for your business.

Step 1: Understand – We believe in the importance of fully comprehending your business, culture, market, goals, and the industry you operate in. By taking the time to understand these key aspects, we can tailor our strategies and solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Step 2: Strategise – Armed with the knowledge we’ve gained about your business and industry, we embark on the strategizing phase. We create a well-thought-out website structure and develop strategies that align with your business goals. Our aim is to optimize your online presence and enhance your chances of success.

Step 3: Create – This is where the magic happens! Our team of skilled professionals sets out to create an engaging, optimized, and aesthetically pleasing website. We understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression on your target audience, so we craft a website that not only attracts the right market but also has the highest potential to convert visitors into customers.

Step 4: Optimize – We recognize that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and adaptability is crucial for sustained success. Therefore, we continuously analyze the results of your website and make data-driven improvements. By optimizing your website, we ensure that it remains effective in capturing the attention of your audience and generating tangible results for your business.

In summary, by entrusting us with your business, products, or idea, you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the website development process from start to finish. We understand your unique needs, create a strategic plan, build an impressive website, and continually optimize it to drive success. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of transforming your online presence into a valuable asset for your business.

How do I request the full packages?

The above is just a summary of our website packages. Once we have discussed your needs, goals, and decided on a package, we will create a custom package for you based on your unique requirements. This will include all the variables, such as the number of pages, the type of content, and the features you need.

To request a full package, please contact us and let us know your needs. We will be happy to discuss your options and create a package that is right for you.

What are your payment terms?

Thank you for asking about our payment terms. Given the custom nature of our website design services and our focus on delivering a high-quality, strategic product, we require 70% of the total project cost as a deposit upfront.

The remaining 30% balance is then due upon completion and before launch of the finished website.

For larger projects we may structure additional milestone payments.

What industries do you work with?

Whatever your vision, whatever your industry, we can help. We work with businesses that need something that better reflects who they are (or who they want to be). We have experience working with a diverse range of service based industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Manufacturing,
  • Accountants,
  • Home builders,
  • Dentistry,
  • Ecommerce,
  • Environmental,
  • Technology,
  • Mining
  • Engineering,
  • Retail & Sales,
  • Financial planners,
  • HR, Hospitality,
  • IT companies,
  • Medical and health,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Speakers,
  • Real estate
  • Construction
Are all your websites mobile responsiveness?

All our websites are 100% mobile, TV, and tablet friendly. It works on any device, anywhere at any time.

Are you registered and do you have any awards?

We are registered, experienced, and have a proven track record.

As far as awards go, there is no such thing in our industry contrary to popular belief.

What happens after the project is completed?

We offer on going support, including maintenance, security updates, and assistance with ongoing website changes or updates.

What is SEO and Google Ranking?

In a nutshell: SEO helps you get more clients via Google Search. So, when people search for products or services, then you appear right on top. About 87% of our clients rank on page 1 of Google, including Gridweb!


Ready for a design session? We can help!

First Consultation

In our brief discussion, we’ll get information (business, market, goals and the industry.) to assess your website needs and see if we are a fit to work together.


We take what we learn about your business, and industry, to create an engaging, optimized, aesthetic website, and strategies to meet your business goals, online and offline.

Ongoing Support & Kaizen

Once your site is live, we stay by your side and provide ongoing support, updates, monitoring, and maintenance to keep your online presence at its best. We also constantly analyse results to continuously improve your business to ensure we adapt and stay up to date with modern technologies and trends.

We work with
small and large businesses

At Gridweb, we are confident and proudly stand behind our workmanship by providing exceptional service, simplicity, speedy turnaround times, unrivaled expertise, warranties and all inclusive packages that features some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

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